Hi there. I’m a compulsive shopper and I am still a good and smart and awesome person. I don’t know why I love to shop so much, but I always have. It is one of my first memories full of of independence and choice. I know I will always love to shop but am working on doing it more mindfully and having awareness when I shop. I have worked hard to pay off all of my credit card debt that I incurred in part due to over shopping, but  I still struggle with wanting to shop and buy and acquire even when I know I don’t need or really want anything. It’s simply fun. It’s an escape. It’s something to do, even though there are millions of over things I like to do, shopping used to be my default. I am changing that now. I don’t use credit cards anymore and track all my spending using a well-known app/program called YNAB (You Need A Budget). It’s changed my life. I am learning to stick to a spending plan (really hard for me) and I’m glad you found my site. I hope me sharing part of my story can help you feel not alone in your struggle. I started this blog to help me be more accountable and understand what drives me to shop when I sincerely don’t want anymore stuff. I started attending meetings for a 12-step program related to debt and money and shopping (I didn’t want to!-but I knew I didn’t want to live as I was anymore) and have found it amazingly helpful.I also attend OA meetings. I also find other resources very helpful like reading about mindfulness and April Benson’s book and website. As an adult I have noticed the parallel between my struggle with my weight and my desire to shop. If you struggle with dual addiction or compulsive and impulsive behaviors or find that your issues with shopping and weight or food and your body seem to go hand in hand you are not alone. I’d love to hear from you.


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