Articles on Getting Rid of Excess

Here is an accumulation of articles I have found that help me find the willingness to get rid of the extra stuff weighing me down in my life. I hope it helps you too. I will keep adding to them as I go so if you have any recommendations let me know.

Great Tips About Culling a Packed Closet (my favorite article)

An interesting discussion on weight fluctuations and clothing purchases and retention

Managing a Wardrobe of Many Sizes

Anxiety When Getting Rid of Things

A Closet Clean Out Success Story

Hoarding No More

Getting Rid of Excess Clothing

Letting Go of Clothes-A Minimalist Perspective

Disposophobia-Fear of Getting Rid of Stuff

Sentimental Impact of Getting Rid of Things

Getting Rid of Clutter-A Peak into Hoarders on TLC

Fear of Getting Rid of Fat Clothes

Getting Rid of Your Skinny Clothes

Getting Rid of Your Thin Clothes.-Recovery from an eating disorder.

Weight Watchers Perspective on the Closet-Very Simple

Organizing Your Closet By Size-An interesting perspective

Dealing with Clothing when Your Weight Fluctuates-A Male Perspective

Breaking Up With Your Clothes (loved this one)

The Questions To Ask When Purging Your Closet (awesome ones here!)

More Great Questions to Ask When Cleaning Our Your Closet (this one is fantastic!)

Wardrobe Detox

Shopping Your Closet (a bit old but some good stuff).

Jill Chivers and MyYearWithoutClothesShopping.Com (absolutely awesome!)

Recovering Shopaholic’s Blog-Ending Closet Chaos E Book

Closet Full of Happy (love the sentiment)

The 40 Hanger Closet (don’t think I could ever do it but an option!)

An Interesting List of the 10 Pieces of Clothing You Will Ever Need

Some Solid Closet Organizing Tips

Good Closet DeCluttering Tips. I love the Flowchart in #12

More Good Closet Cleanout Tips (with photos)


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