Curse of the Portofino Shirt

Have you heard of the Express Portofino Shirt? I have a confession to make. I have 18 of them. Good Grief. 5 are patterned and 13 are solids. Some of them I purchased in the coldest winter days ever so they still have their tags on them. I clearly became obsessed and couldn’t rest until I had one in every possible color I would love. I see an item and instantly imagine how I would wear all of the colors with all of my jewelry and all the different permutations and I become completely incapable of making a decision and only buying a few. I worry they won’t make that color again, or gee I could wear that necklace with 4 different colors, so I should BUY it in 4 different colors, not just one or maybe two.

It is debilitating right now and it takes up a solid foot of my closet. It’s so hard to purge them as some of the colors are spring colors and some are more autumn or winter or going out or business casual. How in the world do you decide? The multiples thing gets me every time.


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