A Full Day

Some days are just full, you know? Some weeks are just bursting. And others seem so empty and idle and the hours drag on and I find myself spending hours (wasting it rather) on the internet or some other way to occupy my brain because I’m just so bored and can’t tolerate what I have to do. And then there are those days and weeks that feel so full and ripe. Like today and this week. I have had such a wonderful and full and productive work week. Sure, there is some boredom, and unsavory tasks, but there is variety and colleagues and the sun was shining and I felt I had purpose. It was such a good feeling. Such a gift. The hours passed quickly and I actually have been staying late a bit to get things done because the satisfaction of completing a task is so joyous sometimes. Before I would be watching the clock just waiting for the minute I could technically leave and then I would go shop somewhere. Not this week. Sure, I’ve had urges to go shopping, just to see the new and the pretty and the ooh and the shiny and because sure I “Want” stuff but I don’t Really want Stuff. It’s a nice place to be right now and I’m going to treasure it.

The urge to still get the gray suit jacket is there but I’m holding off for now. Just for today I can wait and pause and be still and do without.

Today I am grateful for coworkers to have lunch with and a paycheck to purchase said lunch and taste buds to enjoy lunch that I didn’t have to make. I am thankful for the gym on a winter day and for friends who talked me out of skipping my workout. I often don’t want to workout in the evening but it makes my evening absolutely lovely when I do. I don’t come home and lay on the couch like a lump. I have energy and eat a sensible dinner and take time for myself and I have no interest in stuff or shops and I realize that this is my life completely full. And it is pretty darn great.

Today’s closet inventory is dress pants. I spend 90 % of my time during the week in dress pants, and dressy occasions during the winter months usually find me in dress pants. I have multiples of the colors I wear the most, black and navy. I have tried to just have one pair of black pants, but I just can’t deal. These are the dress pants currently in my closet that fit and make me feel good. As with many other items, I have many pairs in a size smaller in storage, where they will wait for another day.

Dress Pants

  1. Black Limited dress pant
  2. Navy Limited dress pant
  3. Gray Limited dress pant
  4. Tan Limited dress pant
  5. Red Limited dress pant
  6. Light brown Limited dress pant
  7. Pink/Mauve Limited dress pant
  8. Black Worthington dress pant x 2
  9. Navy Worthington dress pant
  10. Faux denim Worthington dress pant
  11. Brown Worthington dress pant
  12. Black/gray herringbone Worthington dress pant
  13. Red comfy AT dress pant (a bit small, but so close I’ll leave them here)

Yes, I have two red pairs of pants, but they are considerably different reds and cut very different, so they fill two different purposes for me. But, I likely will make a decision to get rid of one very soon. Because you’re right, I don’t need them both. I will enjoy one pair much more if the other is not diluted by having them both.

What’s ridiculous is I really don’t like Limited dress pants very much-so WHY do I have them? I settled. I was stress shopping and felt unable to wait to find something I really liked. Lesson learned. I can get by with very little until I find what I do love. I was so afraid of having less variety and no options during that phase of major acquiring. Awareness is so powerful and illuminating now. You can only wear one outfit at a time…so in reality, ONE PAIR of pants is all you need at once. Two pairs of pants you love goes a long way. I am slowly working on letting go of fear that I won’t have what I want when I want it. You know what I do love? Worthington dress pants. They fit me amazingly. I often get compliments from total strangers about my dress pants. They are affordable and always available so I don’t need to worry. When my previous favorite dress pant designer changed all of their fits, I admit I was lost for quite some time and annoyed I couldn’t find the pants I had grown to rely on-and then I found the Worthington pants-and they were even better then the pants I owned previously. If you are tall, high-waisted, with curves-check out these pants.

13 pairs of dress pants is a lot. I can wear a different pair for 2 work weeks and 3 days. Granted some of them are a bit more warm weather-these pants do not include my ankle pants or capris, so I clearly have more then I need. I can identify  right away that I rarely wear the tan pants as they just aren’t as versatile in my wardrobe. Here’s what happens with me and khaki pants- every time I get rid of my one pair of khaki pants I wish I had some. Then I buy another pair and the sit in my closet mostly unworn, then I purge them. Then eventually get another pair and the cycle repeats itself. Does this every happen to you? You think you want to own an item to add variety, then you get it, and it turns out to be not so great so you purge and re-aquire it over and over. How long does it take you to learn? My style is evolving so I think I thought maybe now was the time. And perhaps it’s the season. They would likely get worn more in the summer, but if I’m’ really honest with myself-probably not. Then why do I get this glimmer of fear when I think of getting rid of them. I get worried I won’t ever find another pair like that, that style, that color. Has the world EVER run out of tan/khaki pants? NO!  Also, the particular pair currently in my closet, in all honestly, is a bit snug, so I should probably retire it for now. The main problem with those pants is the rise isn’t high enough for my comfort level. I should NEVER buy pants that aren’t a high enough rise thinking they will somehow be ok. They never are.

Speaking of designers changing their pants-fabric can make or break a pant as we know. I have mostly dark dress pants and had wanted some lighter colors. My limited pants are also shorter and made more for flats, while the Worthington pants are made more for heels. And I wanted a pair of gray pants that was longer. I purchased a few newer colors of the beloved Worthington pants and you know what-they don’t fit great. They are tight in weird places, and don’t flatter the thigh, or fit the waist as well as the darker colors I’ve owned for years. But, I’m having a hard time giving them up now that I have them. I know I should. They will just sit their and cause me stress and anxiety and fill my life with things I don’t want cluttering up my home or mind with. The pants aren’t magically going to change so it’s time to let them go and wait for something better to come along. I’ve been just fine without a pair of light gray pants and I will be just fine tomorrow without them.


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