Focusing on the Here and Now

I just got a call that I have a job interview next week. I never thought I would get an interview for this job. I’m excited and overwhelmed and scared and proud. And now I want to drive all over town looking for a gray suit jacket. What’s ridiculous is I used to own the gray suit jacket I want to buy. I bought it. Then returned it as I didn’t really need it, or so I thought. And you know what? I HAVE a suit. Although I don’t like it and it doesn’t fit great. The color is great on me, but the sleeves are a bit too short, the cut isn’t great, but I bought it in ‘an emergency I need a suit now for a job interview tomorrow sort of situation.’ the WORST kind of situation to go looking for a suit in. They are expensive and you are exhausted and you don’t have a lot of options. And you wear it for what an hour and you sweat through it and then you have a pile of smelly that cost you over $200. Ugh. So I have a suit I can wear, but it’s not great. So I feel myself looking outward instead of inward. Yes, I need to wear a suit to the interview, so I don’t have other options, but I can wear the one I have. It will be just fine. There will be other gray suits in the world and if the time is right for one of them to come into my life then, so be it. I don’t need to buy the gray suit jacket to match my pants just to have them around in case. I have one suit and that is enough. I have spent so much of my life buying for a future life, not the one that is right in front of me. I rarely wear a suit, except for interviews. I don’t need another one. Just because I have the pants doesn’t mean I need the jacket. Yes, it looked good on me. Better then the one I own. But it is also over $100. And didn’t I just tell my friend that I wanted a new computer? It’s all about priorities. The hear and now is that I have enough. I have a suit that will work just fine. I will look fine. I can put my energy into taking care of myself and preparing for the interview. That is the here and now that will pay off in the future.

I admit I really want to go to the store and just try the jacket on but I’m going to wait. I don’t have to make a decision about this right now. My suit needs are met.

Today’s inventory piece is small. Speaking of suits, I decided to look at my blazers/jackets. This is an item of clothing that I always wanted to wear more of but struggled to find a good fit. I don’t have the type of body that blazers and jackets fit well so it’s an ongoing struggle. I end up having to pay for alterations or compromising on fit which for a jacket or blazer, which usually has a hefty price tag, is a bit ridiculous. I need part of the jacket regular sized and part of the jacket petite sized as I’m tall but petite in proportions at the same time and they just don’t make blazers like that. So I wait. But when I find one that fits well I often pounce.

These are the jackets I currently own and that fit well. When I first started buying jackets and blazers I think I bought them way too small, thinking they would skim my figure more, and be more flattering, because I was never going to button them, but I was VERY mistaken! Sometimes I look at the jackets I own and just wish I could have each of them in one size larger-problem solved. But, I can’t-I can only learn and move of. So I have several that I should get rid of that I know are in storage as off season items. It’s cold where I live in February!


  1. Red long sleeved blazer
  2. Tan long sleeved blazer
  3. Medium gray blazer
  4. Navy long sleeved blazer (NWT-just picked it up from the tailor-I hunted for this item for years)
  5. black long sleeved blazer (thrifted-never worn)
  6. 3/4 sleeved plaid blazer (black/red-never worn-holiday clearance)

I’ve worn/currently wear all of these, except the most recent purchases. One of which I will have to wait until warmer weather to wear. I enjoy wearing blazers-they make me feel grown up and smart and when they fit my figure well they look great. I am feeling like I’m in a bit of a fashion/wardrobe transition in my life and adding in blazers instead of always a cardigan has been a nice change, but a learning experience as well.

I am happy with what I own. I admit I would love a black blazer I feel amazing in and I’ve wanted a pink blazer since I saw a colleague rocking one. But, I can wait until the right one comes a long. I have several 3/4 sleeve blazers packed up that I only wear when it’s warmer. There tend to me no end to 3/4 sleeve blazers and I actually don’t like them. I’d rather roll up my sleeves, because inside the AC freezes me anyway at work. The lesson I have learned from this (and wish I’d remembered when I bought the holiday plaid blazer above) is that I really don’t like 3/4 sleeve blazers. I already have long arms and I get cold if my arms aren’t covered. You’d think I wouldn’t have to type this out to finally know this about myself, but I guess that’s why I’m hear-to gain awareness and mindfulness.

I’ve have numerous outfits created in my mind for months waiting to find a navy blazer that I could roll up the sleeves, but the pattern underneath wouldn’t be one that would clash with most of my layering tops. That’s another pet peeve I have. When designer’s ruin the usefulness and practicality of a blazer by adding a super cute but very limiting lining. I want to wear my blazers, sleeves rolled up, with ALL of my clothes, not the one top that happens to match the fancy fabric lining.

I also started taking a flower essence that is supposed to help calm your thoughts-which sounds great for thoughts of wanting to shop and buy and acquire when you really don’t want to. So far so good. I’ll let you know what I think. My therapist recommended it and my acupuncturist wholeheartedly agreed and was so excited when I mentioned it. My acupuncturist also put these tiny silver buttons in my ear that I can press on when I’m having thoughts I don’t want to or feeling anxiety or stress. I feel like a cyborg! It’s kind of awesome.




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